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Overview of Services

Pre-Defined Units of Instruction

Driver Education Units of Instruction in DVD or CD format.

Custom Designed Units

We will custom design any presentation and tailor it to your exact standards with our unique design touch.

On-Site Training

If you or any of your staff are interested in learning how to create the type of presentations we offer or are interested some of the cutting edge techniques we use give us a call.

Customized MS Agents for your presentations

We can customize just about any figure and almost any voice into your presentation. We are using state of the art TTS software available in many languages.

On-Line Games and Activities

We have a variety of on-line games and activities that we can customize for you or you can customize yourself.  They will always be available on-line for your use in and out of the classroom.

AV Scheduler 

AV Directors - Cure those Scheduling Headaches! Now you can...

  • Get an up-to-the-minute list of today’s deliveries
  • Maintain an online equipment database
  • Schedule & reserve equipment & conference rooms
  • Quickly check available equipment for any date...
  • All with no software to install
  • Access from any Internet-accessible computer

Facility Scheduler

You know what a nightmare it can be to schedule facilities! Now you can...

  • Request &/or schedule any room within your building
  • Maintain an online district database
  • Schedule & reserve as many rooms as needed within your school
  • Quickly check room availability for any date...
  • All with no software to install
  • Access from any Internet-accessible computer
  • All for one low yearly fee.

Web Site Development & Hosting Options

We will create a web site for you and customize it any way that you like. We specialize in fast downloading sites and simple, clean designs that users appreciated when trying to access your information.


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